It's been a long year!

I didn't even bother to check when I last posted anything. I have had so much to say and share, but no time with which to do it. I am going to work on this.

I am going to try and catch up and write more, I swear (I know I have said this before.)

Have I mentioned school starts in 1 day......1 day. This will be the first time that all 3 girls will be in school at the same time. I am sooooo excited! I mean I'm kinda sad that my last baby will be starting kindergarten......wait, nope, not sad at all. I can't wait to have some ME time. I am sure it will all be spent sleeping, but who cares. It will at least be uninterrupted kid free sleep!

I am also hoping to find more time to pick back up on my hobbies. Right now my office/craft room is a disaster area, but hopefully that will change soon.

Anyways, this will be a busy week.

Kelly is getting his port a cath implanted on Monday. Fingers are crossed he will tolerate the surgery well and not have any issues. He is having to be stuck multiple times for every treatment and his veins are just not holding up. He will also be starting a low dose chemo soon. I will explain more in another post.

I hope everyone is having a great summer. We haven't done much, but have tried to have fun none the less.

Halloween Fun 2014!

Things have been a little deep on my page as of late! I will soon post an update on the hubs, but for now I want to share the fun we are having this October! This is always a big month for us. Fall is my favorite season and Kelly's favorite Holiday is Halloween. We try to do things up right!

This past week end we went to the Memphis Zoo Boo. We have been going to Zoo Boo for many years (since Taylor was a toddler!) The past several years we have grouped up with some close friends of ours and made it that much more fun!

This was the first big outing we had where Kelly had to use (I made him while he tried to argue with me!) his wheelchair. the good thing was that he was in costume, which took
some of the awkwardness away!

We went to the Circus!!

We have had several slumber parties on the couch!!

We found really good beer!!

And of course there was Zoo Boo!!!

I hope everyone has a safe and Happy Halloween!!

Not So Patiently Waiting.

Back on 8/15 we had another neurologist appointment. Kelly knew nothing had changed, but we were still hoping for a good report. The Dr wanted us to see him before the scheduled EMG to see if the test would be needed. The Dr decided the test was not needed but not for the reasons we hoped. Kelly's physical assessment was markedly worse than it was 2 weeks before. :(

He decided that we needed to do several months of back to back IVIG therapy. (This really wasn't any surprise to me after all the research I have done). I was happy that we at least had a direction to go in.

His appointment was on a Friday so we knew it would be the next week until we heard from the infusion center to set up his treatments (3 days in a row 4-6hrs a day). Unfortunately when we heard from them, the soonest they could fit him in was the 10th of September.

This will make it 2 months from his first treatment. I was really upset by this at first. I just couldn't understand how we were to wait so long and risk Kelly getting worse.

Once I calmed down and thought about it, I realized there really wasn't anything we could do about it. If we wanted to change locations or even do home health we would have to wait for insurance to approve and it still would have been around the same time.

1 more week to go and it can't get here soon enough.

For the most part Kelly is doing alright. We learned the hard way that he has to be careful and not overdo it. Last week we had our daughter's open house at the high school. He decided he wanted to go.

Open house consisted of spending 10min in each classroom. We had 5 minutes to go from class to class. This time frame was hard on him. By the time we left the school his legs didn't want to work anymore. Needless to say the rest of the evening was rough on both of us.

I will end with sharing the blessings we received this week end. Two of my work family donated much needed items to us! We now have a walker for those times when his legs aren't cooperating enough to use his cane. We also now have a great fold up wheelchair! Now when we go places that require a lot of walking he can ride in style! I can not express how much I appreciate all the love and support we have received over the last several months!

Happy Birthday baby!! :)

Everything Changes

It's been too long since I have posted anything...

We have had a lot going on...

My husband, Kelly, has been diagnosed with CIDP (Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy). I am sure most of you have never heard of this before. He has lost most of his feeling from his waist down. He has a hard time walking, can no longer drive, and is now is almost constant pain. As of a couple of weeks ago, he is having similar issues with his arms from his elbow to his finger tips.

I want to share our experiences. There is not a whole lot floating around the internet about this rare auto immune disease. Part of that is because it is rare and there are a lot of unknowns.

I have read some other blogs from the perspective of those suffering from CIDP. I want to share his story and mine. I might not be able to update as much as I would like too, but I will try. I desperately need the release! I will also continue to share recipes and fun stuff also.

SO here we go...

In January Kelly started noticing some numbness and tingling in his legs. He didn't think too much about it at the time. He has been having issues with his neck since summer of 2012. He was seeing an ortho doc on a regular basis for these issues.

I noticed he was having issues in February. He stood up one night getting off the couch and stumbled. It wasn't your normal, sitting too long stumble. It was more of a my legs don't work/aren't there stumble. I asked him what was going on. He responded that his legs were numb and had been for the last few weeks.

Being the great neuro nurse that I am (please read that with your best sarcastic voice!), I immediately did a neuro exam on him ( I really and a nurse and I really do work in the Neuro unit!). He didn't have any foot drop (thank goodness) but he was definitely weaker. Luckily he had a ortho appoint in a few days. The ortho doc took x-rays of his lower back and ordered a MRI of his thoracic and lumbar region.

Once the scans came back, the doctor didn't see anything that would explain his symptoms. We, of course, were assuming/hoping that he had a bulging disc that might be causing them (and not anything more serious). Especially since that was part of the issue with his neck and why he was having so many issues.

He referred us to a neurologist (by this time it was May and Kelly had started using a cane to walk). The neuro doc wanted him to get some more tests including an EMG. We were scheduled to come back to see the doc a week after the EMG.....were, but the doc came in and told Kelly he would see him first thing the next morning. Apparently his EMG was one of the worst he had ever seen. He said he knew without a doubt that Kelly had CIDP.

He gave us the option of doing a couple more tests or starting treatment right away. He said the tests wouldn't tell us anything he didn't already know and they would mean delaying treatment....even longer. We opted for treatment. He started him on Prednisone 100mg daily for 1 month.

When the month was up we went back in for a check up. The Dr thought Kelly had more strength, but was still having sensory issues. He gave the go ahead for him to start IVIG treatment.

So far he has had one treatment. The first treatment is run in slower, over more days, due to the risk of side effects. On day 2 of 5 Kelly started to get a bad headache (common side effect), so they slowed his rate down even more. Another side effect of the IVIG is fatigue. By the end of the week, Kelly was exhausted (even more so than normal, since fatigue is also a symptom of his CIDP)

We are now almost 4 weeks out from his first treatment. He hasn't noticed any improvement and I think he is stumbling more. He had a check up 1.5 weeks ago and the Dr still thinks his strength is getting better. He thinks the main issue is the sensory part. He ordered physical therapy (2x a week) and another EMG. He wants to looks at actually numbers to go with his physical assessment and see if they correlate.

The EMG is scheduled for this Friday 8-15. I am assuming Kelly will be scheduled for another round of IVIG. I have read/heard that it often takes a few treatments to see any progress.

CIDP is different for everyone. There is no cure. Hope is to slow the progression. Some people have periods of remission/relapse (I don't see that being the case with Kelly). There is so much unknown.

So that is pretty much where we are now. I will try my best to keep updates coming. Please feel free to ask any questions.

I would greatly appreciate any thoughts, prayers, good juju, or any positive energy that you all might want to send our way.

Quick update!

I am hoping for a better week this week! We had sickness and what not around here last week! I am re-dong week 2 of Insanity! My workouts got so messed up, I feel like I would be better off just dong the week over!! I have a great go to snack/sweet craving that I am going to share in the next day or so!! It's light and fluffy and oh so yummy! I hope everyone is having a great week so far! I am determined to update more and share what is going on around here!!

Christmas Time (a tad bit late!)

Christmas will always be one of my favorite holidays. My mom instilled the magic of Christmas in me from a young age. These past few years I have not been able to get into much of a Christmas spirit. I really hate it for my kids. I want them to feel and enjoy the magic for years to come.

That being said I am trying harder this year. It's hard...this year is really hard on me. But my kids make it worth it! So I will pull myself out of this funk and continue on!!

So we have been having fun the past week or so!
We baked cookies!!
We made Gingerbread Houses!
We have this silly elf that has been running around the house!

All in all we have had a good Christmas thus far! We are beginning new traditions!
I hope everyone of you all is enjoying this time of year!

Insanity Week 1

I am done with my first week of Insanity! I seriously think Shaun T is out to kill me! I just thought I was in bad shape when I started!! I can't wait to take my second fit test and see how I have improved. I will admit some days have been better than others! 
I crossed a milestone this weekend that I would like to share! As many of you all know I work Sat and Sun nights. This makes getting workouts in, very say the least. So, on Saturday, I had a choice, nap before work or workout! Can anyone guess what I chose?

I chose to workout!! All I can say is that I made the right choice! I felt so good. It was my best workout since starting the Insanity program. I had energy to burn for hours!! Everyone at work wanted to know how I was managing to stay awake (it was an unusually slow night for us!!) I made the right choice and I will do it again in a heartbeat!!

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I you are curious about products or workouts, please feel free to ask!! I will help you in any way I can!!