Quick update!

I am hoping for a better week this week! We had sickness and what not around here last week! I am re-dong week 2 of Insanity! My workouts got so messed up, I feel like I would be better off just dong the week over!! I have a great go to snack/sweet craving that I am going to share in the next day or so!! It's light and fluffy and oh so yummy! I hope everyone is having a great week so far! I am determined to update more and share what is going on around here!!

Christmas Time (a tad bit late!)

Christmas will always be one of my favorite holidays. My mom instilled the magic of Christmas in me from a young age. These past few years I have not been able to get into much of a Christmas spirit. I really hate it for my kids. I want them to feel and enjoy the magic for years to come.

That being said I am trying harder this year. It's hard...this year is really hard on me. But my kids make it worth it! So I will pull myself out of this funk and continue on!!

So we have been having fun the past week or so!
We baked cookies!!
We made Gingerbread Houses!
We have this silly elf that has been running around the house!

All in all we have had a good Christmas thus far! We are beginning new traditions!
I hope everyone of you all is enjoying this time of year!

Insanity Week 1

I am done with my first week of Insanity! I seriously think Shaun T is out to kill me! I just thought I was in bad shape when I started!! I can't wait to take my second fit test and see how I have improved. I will admit some days have been better than others! 
I crossed a milestone this weekend that I would like to share! As many of you all know I work Sat and Sun nights. This makes getting workouts in, very interesting...to say the least. So, on Saturday, I had a choice, nap before work or workout! Can anyone guess what I chose?

I chose to workout!! All I can say is that I made the right choice! I felt so good. It was my best workout since starting the Insanity program. I had energy to burn for hours!! Everyone at work wanted to know how I was managing to stay awake (it was an unusually slow night for us!!) I made the right choice and I will do it again in a heartbeat!!

I have a FB page https://www.facebook.com/BeachBodyCoachMelissa
Check out my Beachbody page at www.beachbodycoach.com/MVAUGHNRN

I you are curious about products or workouts, please feel free to ask!! I will help you in any way I can!!

Insanity Day 1

So, I have tried TurboFire, Hip Hop Abs, and Rev Abs. Today was my first day of Insanity. I admit that I had fallen off the workout bandwagon. Things have been crazy around here (yes I know that's no excuse!) The point is I am out of shape again, but hopefully not for long. The fit test, kicked my butt!, But I am ready to Bring it!! I love Shaun T. He is such a great motivator. 
I ended my workout with my daily Shakeology!! I am becoming a wiz at recipes!! My recent Favorite is the Chocolate Shakeology with almond milk, banana, and peanut butter!! So yummy!
I have been looking forward to starting Insanity for awhile now!! Even though I almost puked today...I will be back tomorrow...and the next day...and the next!!

I have a FB page https://www.facebook.com/BeachBodyCoachMelissa
Check out my Beachbody page at www.beachbodycoach.com/MVAUGHNRN

I you are curious about products or workouts, please feel free to ask!! I will help you in any way I can!!

Candy plates

So, as many of you already know, I am an avid fan of Pinterest ( I know most of you are too!)! I have found so many helpful recipes and ideas on there, I will be busy for quite awhile! One that I found a while back was for these really cute Serving trays! You make them out of Starlight Mints. The original Blog can be found here DIY Serving Tray.

I found the mints at the Dollar store!! (Score for cheapness in case it's a bust! ) So I bought 2 bags of red and 2 bags of green. The plan was for the girls to make trays for their teachers. This project was fun and fairly easy!!
 So we laid out the mints out in the desired patterns!!
 Here is the first one!! We immediately fell in love with it!
 And here is the Pattern Taylor ended up coming up with!
The girls had a great time and the trays turned out really good! Too bad neither one of their teachers will be getting them this year!

First warning, they break very easily! Madison was so excited about her's she had to pick it up while I was out of the room. When she 'set' it back down on the granite counter top....'CRACK' it broke... (and her's was my favorite!)

I received several questions asking if they were sticky! Honestly they were a little bit (2 out of 3). Not sticky sticky, but a little tacky to the touch! So...I read somewhere about sealing them! (Second warning!) I also thought I remembered someone saying you could possibly use Mod Podge.......Do Not, I repeat....DO NOT use Mod Podge!! Here is what will happen!!
 I will say that it is no longer sticky!! :) So next time I will use a spray sealant!

I also tried to make a Christmas Tree! As you can see I had the right idea, the mints on the edges just melted a little too much! I will try again! I have some ideas to stop/contain the melting. Don't worry I will share once I figure it out!!

This was a wonderful and fun project for me and the girls! We will definitely be working on perfecting it and next year it's on!!

What to do with all this time!

School is back in full swing! And this year I have 2 school aged girls!! Madison started kindergarten this year! She was a little hesitant at first, but is really enjoying school. She has a new "Best Friend" and a teacher she adores. We started last week with tears and now she barely glances as I walk out the door! Hope it goes as smoothly next week when I have to drop her in the carpool lane and won't be able to walk her in.

 These are her "my tummy feels funny, but I'm still kinda excited faces!!"
 Alright, I'm ready to go!
 This last one is after school when we picked her up!! She had such a good first day!!

So, now what to do! I still have Abigail at home with me. She loves all the attention, but is also enjoying the time on her own. I am hoping to be able to tackle my HUGE list of To do's. I am including the all important,  new recipes I find on Pinterest!! I am also hoping to finally get this house in some semblance of order!! We will see how that goes. Our lease is up on Jan 1st, so we are trying to find a new place to go (this one will hopefully be permanent!!) So... I have already started packing....of course we have already had to open some boxes to find items, that I didn't think we would need...ugh!

Anywho, I am going to try and be better about keeping in touch!! Surely I can with all this free time!! :)

Has it been this long?

Just a quick post to say that I haven't given up on my blog!!
Of course, they have changed things up since last time I was here so I will have to figure it out!
I have lots to share, but unfortunately no time to share right now.

For those of you that don't know I now work Saturday and Sunday nights! With today being Saturday I have to go to work in a few hours.

But I have some new recipes to share and some stories to tell!  The kids are on Spring break this next week so hopefully between screaming at them and putting them in time out I might have some time to catch up!

Now I'm off to bake brownies and a casserole for my peeps to eat tonight!!